Statutory Auditor

At GP&A SAS we ensure the reasonableness of your company's financial statements, compliance with tax obligations, social security obligations and other aspects required by Colombian law, according to the functions assigned to the statutory auditor, in accordance with the functions assigned to the statutory auditor in Colombia.

At GP&A SAS we ensure the reasonableness of your company's financial statements, compliance with tax obligations, the social security system and other aspects required by Colombian law, in accordance with the functions assigned to the statutory auditor.

But more than that, we provide assurance services, making sure that your financial information is of high quality and your internal control system is appropriate to support the fulfillment of your strategic, financial and operational objectives.

In GP&A SAS we have developed an audit methodology based on the International Auditing Standards that, complemented with the guidelines for the development of the statutory audit in Colombia and with the support of an audit software, allows us to conclude successfully and on time our audit engagements.


Independent audit based on the International Standards on Auditing - ISA and the Generally Accepted Auditing Standards in the USA - US GAAS.

Colombia definitely enters a global business context, participates in international markets and is a preferred destination for domestic and foreign investors. In GP&A SAS, as your business partners, we speak the language needed by companies with foreign reporting requirements, following the international standards of the profession, both in terms of Auditing (ISAs, US GAAS) and Quality Control (ISQC 1) and Professional Ethics (IESBA Code of Ethics).

For non-profit entities, NGOs, international cooperation entities and projects: We understand the difference between a private business and the activity of cooperation or non-profit entities. With an approach based solidly on internal control, we help entities to

Independent audit

Audit reports on financial statements, prepared under a risk-based methodology, which meet the needs of external users such as parent company, corporate auditors, regulators, among others.

Review work and other related services

Many entities operating on a global scale require certifications on interim financial information or on specific matters or components of the financial statements that do not require an audit. The review work, pre-agreed-upon procedures, and other related services provide assurance on the quality of information used by investors to make timely decisions.

Outsourcing of accounting, payments, payroll, etc.

We offer complementary services for the financial, accounting and legal organization of companies.

In our experience providing outsourcing services in accounting, payroll, taxes, business representation and other related services to national and foreign companies operating in Colombia, we have learned and understand the challenges that a company faces during its foundation and initial stages. At GP&A SAS we are ready to serve domestic and foreign companies with reliable support services, ensuring honest and fluid communication at all times.

Tax advisory services

Consulting in general and on specific topics.

   Tax compliance auditing.

  Tax planning.

  Preparation of tax returns..

  Review of tax returns.

  Refund of taxes overpaid.

  Attention to requirements of the tax authorities.

  Transfer pricing.